Thursday, 10 December 2009

Gonçalo Amaral: the McCanns' spokesman comments on new book launch.

The headline in today's
Metro reads, "Libel cop launches new Maddie Book on opening day of trial."

Clarence Mitchell, for the McCanns appears to be none too impressed!

"It's regrettable that Mr Amaral chooses to do this on the same day as the trial opening," said Clarence Mitchell."

Regrettable, Mr Mitchell? Who do you think regrets this timing? Carefully planned by Dr Amaral, I would say, and should attract a great deal of publicity. Is that what is regrettable? Too many of the world's journalists around, who will no doubt be giving free publicity to this new venture from Dr Amaral? Bit too close to the truth the title?

Clarence Mitchell goes on to say:

"Most people would expect him to concentrate on the trial rather than launching any new book and the court will take its own view of his activities."

There are people all over the world, Clarrie, who wonder why your clients went jogging while residents of Praia da Luz took a week off work to look for their daughter. I have often wondered why Kate McCann sat in the apartment all night on the night of May 3rd, 2007, rather than getting out there desperately hunting for her daughter.

"In his book The Truth Of The Lie, Mr Amaral - who was involved in the initial investigation but later taken off the case - claimed Madeleine was dead and questioned the McCanns' account that she was taken while they were eating with friends."

Now, the first person to suggest that Madeleine McCann was dead and that her body was hidden somewhere in the Praia da Luz area was Mark Harrison, an English specialist who was called in to help the Portuguese police. In his book, Dr Amaral simply reports Mark Harrison's conclusions. (See chapter 16 of The Truth Of The Lie)

"A year-long campaign by the McCanns' lawyers to prevent the publication of the book and a subsequent DVD led to an injunction banning its further sale or publication being granted in September."

The book was published, in fact, and sold well all over Europe before the McCanns went to court to apply for the injunction, which was, I hasten to add, a temporary one.

"Mr Amaral says his new book has emerged from his indignation in the face of censorship."

And for that I commend the good doctor and wish him the very best of luck in court tomorrow and every day of this process.

"The English Gag," a new book by Gonçalo Amaral to be launched Friday December 11th


Thanks to Joana Morais for this information.

"Gonçalo Amaral is not a character.
He is the boldness of Truth. He is the challenge of Truth.»

Francisco Moita Flores
in Preface

Gonçalo Amaral's new book, "The English Gag - The story of a forbidden book", will be publicly launched on Friday, the 11th of December, 2009, at the Ler Devagar - Lx Factory bookshop, in Lisbon, at 6.30 p.m.

With a preface by Francisco Moita Flores, the book will be presented by Professor José Adelino Maltez."