Friday, 8 May 2009

"Why I Admire You, Barack Obama" by Rob Lamb

A must read, folks!

Freedom March blog May 8th 2009

Why I admire you, Barack Obama.
You are just too good. You are more than I ever hoped for. Your ability to do good so exceeds my expectations, I am humbled. I know there are quite a few people out there who feel the same. And fewer every day. They have seen all that has been started, or stopped, in these first one-hundred plus days, and say ‘that’s not the America I grew up in’, or “I didn’t vote for THAT.”

Well, neither did I, but I am so pleased that somebody did.

Americans who never thought about it, now understand fascism, and see it for what it really is. Socialism is the same evil it always was, but now it has a face to go with it. A narcissistic face, with head tilted back, and a look-up-my-nostrils-you-peasants-as-I-look-at-my-telepromter-and-over-your-heads gaze. We have come to know and understand communism, as we did in the fifties. It is here. All around us, thanks to you. With government stealing our banks, our auto companies, and the potential to rip countless other businesses, our economy, our sovereignty, our dignity and our way of life right from under our noses. Illegally giving the spoils to ‘chosen’ foreign governments, or thuggish, crime-laden ‘protection’ organizations, or to the unions in exchange for their fealty and patronage.

I love what you are doing, Barry Soetoro. There were countless millions who never before feared their government, but tolerated its incompetence, stupidity, and bumbling pomposity, yet truly appreciated its ability to provide military protection. But now we see true terror. Fear, distrust, contempt, even revulsion. It is a very good time to be alive. This is why I love what you’ve accomplished, Barry Soetoro. The sleeping giant has been awakened, and is starting to react. As a people, we have never loved our government, per se. But we have loved our beautiful country, and we have loved our opportunities here in America, defined by life, liberty, happiness, prosperity, and freedom, guarded for us by our Constitution. We have loved our Constitution, which has kept the government at bay. Now that it is being trampled, more so with every passing day, the American public is beginning to see just what it is we could lose, and may have already lost. And America is fighting mad. The populace is openly discussing the return of this country to a place where the Constitution once again reins supreme, not the men and women to whom we temporarily give power over us. Thank you, Barry.

January 20, 2009, first official act: Executive Order 13489. You sealed ALL your records, permanently. Transparency. You’re making this way too easy.

People are professing love for their country in ways not seen for many years. This has been brought on by a fear of the loss of the liberties America provides, to the phony dreams of an NPD-afflicted illegal alien. We have seen the states take up sovereignty issues, and a reaffirmation of states’ rights. This isn’t penny-ante stuff. The states are looking at gun laws, and what happens when guns are manufactured only for in-state consumption. The second amendment is alive and well, despite left wing efforts to scribble a line through it with a big thick crayon, a change which I imagine would have to be initialed by you, Barry, (BS). Populist Grand Juries are popping up in dozens of states, all with the initial purpose of finding out the veiled truth about the pretender President. Then there is the very open dialogue about the ‘free press’, such as it is. And who really cares about it anymore, other than John Kerry along with his, and your, fellow miscreants on the left who need it for a mouthpiece? The only reason you and the Congress are after the radio air waves is that you have so defiled newsprint and television with progressivism both industries are dying a wretched, tormented death. You leeches need a new outlet. You have America on the warpath. Excellent. Way to go, Barry.

Americans have become nauseated with the torrent of illegals. Your personal brigand, Napolitano, seems to want to do everything in her power to assist the ILLEGALS in their march North, and at the same time to utilize every impediment she can find in her substantial arsenal to fight against LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. You are brilliant!

And bless your cold, sterile little heart, Soetoro. Your fellow countrymen, whoops, sorry, my mistake, I mean the American people, want the US to be the best It can be, and not the second, or third tier state envisioned by you, Barry Soetoro. Education is the machinery to accomplish the heavy lifting. But you and the rest of the nauseating left in the Congress had the opportunity to help kids in Washington DC through the charter schools. Instead you choose to keep them uneducated, on the plantation, doomed to a life of poverty, beholden to the Democratic Party, without hope, without change. In failing those kids, you failed all of us. There is a thickening, oozing hatred and revulsion of everything you and your party stand for. Your kids aren’t in public school. People see your hypocrisy, and it is pure gold.

Oh, and the planned destruction of our health care system is going well. When the lid comes off, and everyone can see the stew we’re smelling, we will all gag. The cost may bankrupt us. Those of us who actually pay the bills, anyway. The old and the infirm will be allowed to die, untreated, unmedicated. The newborn will make it only if they’re strong enough, but then infanticide has always been your strong suit. Incredible. You make all my points for me.

So, you think by forcing the Israelis to give up the only weapons that have kept them safe, you will make the world safer? For whom? For your fellow Muslims, of course. You thought the Holocaust got ugly. Just wait, it‘s 100 to 1 over there. Not good, Soetoro, but it certainly enhances your beastly image. Planning to re-start the Somali immigration program, which was fraught with fraud from the beginning. Perfect. We already have the FBI looking for members of their terrorist cells. Moo goo gai pan for two: twenty dollars. The idea that Al Qaida trained terrorists, the Chinese Uighurs, will soon be serving it up someplace in Denver, or Atlanta, or Stockton, or maybe Washington DC : priceless.

Just when it was getting good, it gets better. Your new Democratic pedophilia protection act is a gem. Picture this, Soetoro: one of Pelosi’s grandsons, Sean or Paul Michael, comes running past the servants, into her vast San Francisco mansion, screaming “Granny, that bad man in the park just diddled me,” as he holds his little bleeding bum. And she would, with her perpetual plastic smile, turn to him and say “No, no dear, we mus’n’t violate my beloved Hate Crimes Act. Granny loves all people, dear, other than conservatives, of course. That’s just one of our precious pedophiles showing us he loves you.” Wouldn’t that be just too juicy? Please sign Pelosi’s act if it comes across your desk. Please. This is why so many people loathe liberals and liberalism.

This is another reason I think you’re terrific, Soetoro. You are so good at Charades. I’d want you on my team. That whole name/citizenship thing. The entire world, and we’re talking the heads of government, know you to be Barry Soetoro, citizen, not of the world, but of Indonesia. The governments and intelligence services of Canada, England, Russia, France, Germany, Iran, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and China all have to know by now, and surely most of the rest have been given a heads up. Netanyahu and Mossad most certainly know. They are all playing along with this charade to see how long it takes for America to figure it out.

Without you, Barry Soetoro, bringing us all of this evil, America would have continued to be the apathetic, arrogant bunch of assholes you told us, and the rest of the world, that we are. But, it turns out, we are energetic. We are patriotic. We love our Constitution, and our country. We love our America.

By God, and no other, we will succeed in getting America back, wresting it away from the scum who seem to think it is only theirs, and the rest of us are nothing but dirt ’neath their nails.

We will get America back from the inept and crooked politicians, starting at the top, down through the congress, and wherever else corruption and misdeeds are the status quo, by way of the courts and the ballot box, and the hope and change we expected will take place, no matter how long it takes. And there will be Congressional term limits. Thank you Barry. I can almost see it. It looks good.

I appreciate all you have done, Barry Soetoro, you have opened our eyes to all the evil there is in the United States. But it isn’t where you said it was. You have unwittingly paved the path for us to get back the America we once knew, the one you have never known. We will stand with our real friends, and against our real enemies, here at home, and abroad. And no President will ever again go overseas to denigrate us, nor bow deep and low, to the complete embarrassment of his country, kissing the ring of a ‘bilious old nabob’ nor any other self-important “king”. Thank you for all you have done for America.

You have re-ignited the fire smoldering deep within us. We truly do love this country. After the fall, when you, and the others complicit in your conspiracy, are languishing in a jail somewhere, you’ll have plenty of time to think about the positive influence you had on all of us. Thank you Barry Soetoro.

Rob Lamb

A French Chief Police Officer Gives Goncalo Amaral His Support

SOS Madeleine McCann 8/05/09

portugal-maddie_368.jpgIn Paris for the launch of the French version of his book, "Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira," former PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, yesterday received the unexpected support of Georges Moréas, Commissioner of the French Judiciary Police.

After having read Amaral's book, which in France is titled, "Maddie: l'enquête interdite," commissioner Moréas, founder of the Central Office for Fighting Serious Crime (OCRB) stressed the difficulty for the PJ's work facing the pressure in the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

Gonçalo Amaral, who returns to Lisbon today, has defended the reopening of the case, insisting that the investigation into Maddie's disappearance must carry on even if, "now it is necessary to look for a body."

In a statement to the Daily newspaper, "Le Parisien," Amaral has accused the parents of, "having no desire," to see the case reopened: "they have no desire for the truth to come out. However, I am convinced that there are still leads to explore. Unfortunately, it's a body we have to look for."

Duarte Levy