Monday, 7 April 2008

Fourniret: the case resumes, day 6

Enfants Kidnappés continues its coverage of the Fourniret trial, which resumed today, with the case of Fabienne Leroy.

English translation of the transcripts from Enfants Kidnappés:

The lifeless body of Fabienne Leroy, aged 20, was found near the Mourmelon (Marne) military camp. She had crossed the path of Michel Fourniret the day before. Abducted from a supermarket car park, the young woman was led into the forest before being raped then killed. If Michel Fourniret acknowledges the facts, he refuses to explain in detail the circumstances of this murder. His wife , Monique Olivier, shows herself to be more talkative
, "I regret what happened. I am ashamed."

I acknowledge the facts.

"I acknowledge the facts," stated Michel Fourniret to the president of the Charleville-Mézières Court of Assizes, at the opening of the sixth day of his trial for seven murders , for which he has been named, "The Ardennes Ogre." Fabienne Leroy's body had been found on August 4th 1988, near the Mourmelon (Marne) military camp. The student had been abducted the day before by the Olivier-Fourniret couple from a supermarket car park then led into the forest before being raped and killed.

I am ashamed.

If Michel Fourniret, after a long talk with the president of the court, maintained his refusal to detail the facts, Monique Olivier, freed herself.
"I regret what happened. I am ashamed," she stated, mumbling and trembling in a grey jacket. Fourniret's wife went back over the course of the abduction, admitting to having held a handgun to Fabienne Leroy's cheek in order to make her get out of the vehicle.

I acted out of fear.

In revenge, she denies having assisted in the rape and murder, having been dismissed by her angry husband. "Michel Fourniret asked me to verify Miss Leroy's virginity, but I could not do it," she said, close to tears.
"He then flew into a rage and and asked me to go away because I was useless, a good for nothing." Monique Olivier would then have got back into the vehicle, at a distance from the scene of the crime.
"I am regretful. It is unforgivable," she continued. "But I did not think that he would do that. I acted out of fear."

Eight months pregnant at the time of the events.

A little later she was taken to task by Fabienne Leroy's family, just starting to give evidence at the bar. Valérie Archer, twin sister of the victim, described these acts as, "despicable."
"How could you have done that with a baby in your belly?" exclaimed Valérie Archer, looking at Monique Olivier, who was eight months pregnant at the time of the events.

Enfants Kidnappés 7/04/08: Last chance for the PJ?

Last chance for the PJ?

This is perhaps the last chance for the PJ to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and if the parents, Kate and Gerry, as well as the British man, Robert Murat, remain implicated in the case. Without evidence to charge anyone, the Public Ministry could order the permanent archiving of the file without disclosing its contents. But the investigators still hold a few trumps, the possible contradictions in the previous hearings could lead the authorities to not archiving the case.

24 witnesses will be heard.

This morning at 9.30 three PJ investigators took off from Faro airport in the direction of the North of England, where they arrived three hours later. The team, who will stay in the UK for 3 days, is led by Chief Inspector Paulo Rebello, coordinator of the Department for Criminal Research, Portimao. The objective of this relocation, in the context of the rogatory letters sent by the Public Ministry to the British authorities, is to assist with the hearings, undertaken by the local authorities, of no fewer than 24 witnesses in connection with Madeleine's disappearance.

Amongst these 24 witnesses, 7 of them are the parents' friends with whom they were dining on that evening. One if the witness statements which could be considered as important is that of Jane Tanner. It is she who described to the Portuguese authorities, a man with a child in his arms, at the time of Madeleine's disappearance. She swears to having seen him passing in the road while she was heading towards the restaurant to meet the McCanns and the other members of the group. Seven other witnesses are people who were doing seasonal work at the Ocean Club. The 10 remaining witnesses are those named by the McCann couple themselves.

In fact, their status allows them to request that particular witnesses are heard. We note that Clarence Mitchell himself, the McCanns' spokesperson figures amongst these witnesses. Let's not forget that he carried out his duties for around a month after the little girl's disappearance at the request of the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Another witness would be Justine McGuiness, who was the parents' spokesperson until September until Clarence Mitchell took over the position.

Finally, there could still be the hearing of the parents themselves. This hearing could take place depending on the other hearings and their content. However, the Portuguese Public Ministry lets us know that this could be a, "waste of time." Indeed, as arguidos, they can not speak and so not answer any questions.