Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Enfants Kidnappés 15/09/08: A suspect in the McCann case.

15 septembre 2008

A suspect
We are in the second day after Madeleine McCann's disappearance. While the investigation continues, someone brings details, considered interesting by the investigators. Thus, the following pages are found in the case file:

Under this procedure, I inform you that:

Today at 4.40pm, a person identified as DEREK F., appeared before us, the present signatory, in apartment 6, (close to the place where Madeleine Beth McCann disappeared) block 6, at the Ocean Club tourist complex in Praia da Luz, contactable via no. 912...(in Portugal) and via no. 0044873...(In the UK). This person is a British citizen on holiday in Praia da Luz, near the above mentioned complex, since last week and until May 12th 2007 inclusive.

Following Madeline's disappearance, he came to let us know about the presence of a suspicious person, whom he saw on several occasions, four times on May 2nd and 5 times on May 3rd during the day (the informant doesn't remember but the believes it possible to have been into late evening), when he was accompanied by his wife and going to the "Baptiste supermarket." He noticed an individual (around 1.7m in height, apparently dark-skinned of Portuguese nationality, with a day's growth of beard, short black hair, a necklace and dressed in a yellow T shirt) who was on foot, looking in the direction of the apartment from where, Madeleine later disappeared. The informant added that the individual was also looking in the direction of a white van type vehicle, stationed on the other side of the road, next to which there was another person he cannot give a description of.

He didn't at first attach any importance to it, but following the ensuing events (editor's note: Madeleine's disappearance), he thought it important to inform the authorities about it considering the attitude of the suspicious individual. At the request of the signatory, the witness created a sketch, identifying the stationary vehicle and its direction by the number "1" and the suspect by the number "2".

The witness agrees to collaborate fully with the authorities if required.

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In the context of following up this lead, under the guise of this investigation, at 3pm, we made contact with various people living in the area surrounding the place where this lead starts, to check if the witness is mistaken or if the details come to agree with what he says in the context of Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

The object of this further action is the possible collection of new details which could help to clarify evidence gathered from the witness statement of a British citizen on holiday about 300 metres from the place from which the small child disappeared.

Accordingly, a photographic report was made in the avenue Francisco Gentil Martins situated in Praia da Luz alongside the Ocean Club apartments.

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