Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Gerry McCann: "No police force has been proactively helping us."


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Proactively, Gerry? What on earth do you mean by that?

proactively pro·ac'tive·ly adv.

Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory: proactive steps to prevent terrorism.

Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty. What would you want them to act in advance of? What expected difficulty? We could talk about taking proactive steps to make sure our children were safe: not leaving them alone would be a very good start. If you had done that, there would have been no need for your friends to come up with fantastic stories that made the village of Praia da Luz sound like Piccadilly Circus on a Saturday night. All that running around and they still had time to eat and an abductor still had time to enter your apartment, being so careful he didn't even leave glove marks, and escape under your very nose as you were having a conversation with Jez Wilkins about child-care! Cue Teddy!

It is incredible to think that for the last two years and three months NO police force has proactively been doing anything to help us find Madeleine. (

How on earth can the police, or anyone else 'proactively,' help you find your daughter? Take steps to prevent what? Prevent your finding her? Well, I guess if the police were to follow up every fantasist's sighting, that might be a proactive step, especially if the expected difficulty might be that Madeleine was found and not found alive. Keep'em busy looking the other way, eh?

I can see from the news this morning that you and the not-so-much-a-lady wife are taking proactive steps to prevent an expected difficulty. The fund could run dry when?

If Madeleine's Fund remains as it is, with the current rate of expenditure, it will run out in Spring 2011. This would essentially mean that any kind of proactive search for Madeleine would cease. So again we need your help.
So, you're not expecting Madeleine home for Christmas then! You know she definitely won't be found before next spring? Hows that then?

You are acting proactively to stop the money running out. I still don't get it about this proactive search. What is a proactive search? You can act to stop your daughter being harmed, but three and half years after she disappeared is a bit late to be proactive. Abduction does tend to cause harm, and not just physically!

Media liaison in Portugal and the UK to ensure that we convey the simple factual messages: there is absolutely no evidence that Madeleine has been physically harmed; we must keep looking for her and those who took her.

How can you say there is no evidence that Madeleine has been physically harmed? She's sent you a postcard from Germany? "The weather is here, wish you were lovely."? Those dogs were lying when they sniffed and barked and said they'd found evidence of blood and cadaver odour in your apartment, on Kate's clothes, on Cuddle Cat and in your hired car?

The only way the word 'proactive,' can be used appropriately here, i.e., in preventing an expected difficulty, is in relation to your appeal for political and financial help.

Political? Well, asking for a full review of all the evidence because you haven't seen all the information the English and Portuguese police are holding? That could be a good proactive step. Seeing all those files you haven't managed to get your grubby hands on might help you in your quest to extract a million quid from Gonçalo Amaral in a libel suit, or it might just be what you need to persuade you to quietly drop the matter!

Financial? Well, that money pot is running dry. What with that nasty, sardine-munching Amaral getting his books back on the shelves and your having to pay his costs an' all, I guess you could do with a few more bob in the coffers.

What exactly are you asking the...errr...ummm...gullible public, those who haven't read Amaral's book, or even found out that it's been unbanned, to donate for?

• £1 pays for the multi-lingual call centre availability for 1 hour
• £2 per month pays for 12 travel packs that are distributed to holidaymakers going all over the world
• £10 pays for 1000 posters that are translated and distributed across the world.
• £25 pays for the access to a 24 hour multi-lingual telephone service for 1 day
• £50 pays for the running costs of investigation office (and staff) for 2 hours
• £420 pays for 10,000 multi-lingual prayer cards for Madeleine, with photograph and contact details

Well, I guess that might induce a few folks to dig into their piggy banks and pension money, as long as they don't find out that you've got all those court costs to pay for the Amaral book banning case and you've managed to chuck such a loada dosh at all those dodgy detective agencies like Metodo 3.

10,000 multi-lingual prayer cards? I don't suppose they say, "Please help us to lay Madeleine to rest with dignity and respect." That wouldn't be proactive, though, that would be three and a half years retroactive.

I'm afraid it's much too late to be proactive in making sure your daughter has not come to harm. You should have been thinking proactively on Sunday April 29th 2007, when you decided it was quite safe to leave your three children alone in an unlocked apartment in a foreign country.

A proactive search? You've got to be fecking kidding me. Right!